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 I started circus as a hobby in New-Caledonia and in 2009 I decided to go to a professional circus school in Europe. I finished the preparatory year in Lomme, France and entered the Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg in 2011. During four years I specialised in aerial cradle as a flyer. After graduation in 2015 I decided to go to Stockholm to train more hand to hand. We created Kaaos Kaamos in 2016. Today I am still creating and performing with Kaaos Kaamos, the collective I want to commit to.



I grew up in Dresden, which is also where my passion for performing began - on stage with with several choirs, bands and in the end with circus. Following Perrys footsteps I went to the circus school Die Etage and then ACAPA, where I finished my Bachelor with another partner acrobatic group called Familiar Faces. Since my graduation I have performed in several productions all over Europe. This chapter with Kaaos Kaamos is especially exciting because Perry and my paths have finally crossed again and we are part of a new show together.

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 I started to get in contact with my body when I started Breakdance at the age of 14. Soon after I discovered circus and immediately fell in love with it. I felt that circus is my way of expression. In 2010 i started my studies at the circus school "die Etage" in Berlin and became a base in hand to hand. I continued in "ACaPA", Tilburg where I met my flyer. Together we did the two years artistic program in "le Lido", Toulouse. Now I am training and teaching in Berlin and I create and perform with the company Kaaos Kaamos.



I started capoeira at the age of 14. I have played for many years as a percussionist and capoeira dancer while practicing break dance and parkour. It was at the age of 25, when I joined "Pyromania", a dance, fire and acrobatics company in Israel, that I discovered circus. 5 months later, in September 2012 I entered the Sandciel circus school, in Israel, where I met Hemda. In 2017 I met the crew from Kaaos Kaamos and today we decided to merge and create a show together.

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When I was 16 years old I had already set my mind to start studying circus, but I decided to try a year of studying something else first. After that year I knew that I had to switch to circus and went to the circus gymnasium. After 2 years in Stockholm I auditioned for ACaPa in Tilburg and got accepted as a partner acrobat working with Erik Glas. Two years later we went to ESAC in Brussels. After two years in Esac, due to injuries, I moved back to Stockholm and started working as a teacher while we also started our company Kaaos Kaamos. Which now is our main focus of work and ambition.

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 I grew up in the north of Sweden, when I was 17 years old I decided to try the circus gymnasium where I found the interest for circus. After that I went to Holland where I specialised in partner acrobatics. After two years there I decided to change my school to the one in Brussels where I studied for another two years until I had an accident which prevented me from doing circus for half a year. During my recovery we started the company Kaaos Kaamos which I have been working with ever since.He hopes to one day be the grandfather with all the coolest stories, telling the kids in the neighbourhood about crazy adventures like breaking out of bathrooms or snowboarding down a mountain of cakes.



I started circus when I was 5 y/o, so I could lose my fear of heights. In 2008 I decided to take it as a career, and trained in various circus schools. Attracted by the discipline I became a cradle catcher, and in 2014 I went to FONTYS circus academy in Tilburg, where I trained with Anouck. Later I came back to Argentina and joined "Polimatas" an argentinean company. Coming back to Europe, I joined Kaaos Kaamos.

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Since I was 5 years old I did gymnastics. I jumped into the circus world when I was 16, when I wanted to get some change from competitions and strict rules of gymnastics. I went to Salpaus circus school in Lahti, Finland for 3 years. After graduating, in 2013, I was teaching in a youth circus for two years. I realised in that moment that I want to  perform more than teach so I focused on building our company Kaaos Kaamos, the company with whom I work the most since then.