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PIT was a show produced by TENT circustheater productions and directed by Zinzi Oegema. It was our first collaborative show where another organisation provided production and concept and Kaaos Kaamos provided the artists.

It played between 83 times in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany between 2018 and 2021.

PIT above.jpg

We see three people, we watch them from above. Surrounded by walls, there seems to be no way out for the three of them. Their freedom of movement is limited, the space that encloses them seems to be too much of an obstacle to overcome. Escape, however, is not their intention. Within this environment, they investigate the relationships between them, the perspectives open to them and their freedom. And in so doing, perhaps those of the audience as well. What, after all, is real freedom?


The performance takes place within and on a set that is placed in the public space. The audience stand at a higher level than the performers and look down on them. This could put them in a more powerful position that the three down at floor level – but it soon turns out that, thanks to their acrobatic skills, the performers can easily reach the same level as the audience, or even higher.

PIT scenery salto.jpg
PIT far.jpg
PIT lazy fish w audience.jpg
PIT scenery salto.jpg
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