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It's warmer under the snow

Open for bookings

What it is

It’s warmer under the snow is an interactive circus experience involving six artists performing partner acrobatics on the ground and in the air.

We invite the audience to share the stage with us, and place the acrobatics close enough for everyone to feel involved.

It was originally created as an indoor show, and the atmosphere was inspired by the nordic winter. It has since also evolved to an outdoor performance, with greater emphasis on the playful energy.

Our goal was to take the audience on a journey

from a first greeting, though the cold loneliness of the winter night.

To gather around a fire with new friends, building mutual trust and working together.

To eventually stand before something greater than ourselves, and look up in awe.

Why we created it

In 2019 we wanted to make a new performance. The starting points were the company creed “Human circus, not superhuman circus”  and Kaamos from the company name, which means the polar night.

Themes that came up was human connection and empathy. Also the contrast between the dark cold night, and the warmth of gathering around a campfire.

The next year, the covid lockdowns happened.

And everything we wanted to research; proximity, empathy, sharing a space and human connection became very difficult things to do. It also seemed to us that it would be more important than ever to do so.

Our demands on a performing space were quite high, we needed both a high ceiling and a big space to be able to share it with the audience, which was difficult for many traditional theatres.

And so, we made an adaptation to be able to play outside. More energetic and more playful, yet keeping the central theme of human connection and audience interaction.

For bookings, contact us at

Artists: Erik Glas, Anouck le Roy, Maximo Occhipinti, Julien Pierrot, Amir Guetta, Felix Zech

Artistic direction: Pau Portabella

Scenography and Costume: Valeria Nesis

Music creation: Peter Reynolds

Light design: Aron Glas

Creative Production & Curation: Sophia Kurmann

Funded by: Konstnärsnamnden and Kulturådet Sweden, Culture point north, the Nordic council

Coproduction: Dynamo - Workspace for circus and performing art

Residencies & Partners: Cirkuslyftet Sundsvall, Espace Catastrophe, Latitude 50, Dynamo, Cirko, Werkplaats Diepenheim, Tollhaus Karlsruhe, CirkusKvarnen, Riksteatern Hallunda, Kulturhuset Klossen, Werkplaats Diepenheim, Schloss Bröllin, CIRKL Leuven

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