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Call for artists!

Kaaos Kaamos is looking for circus artists for a creation set for the spring of 2025.

We are looking for two artists with a higher education in circus (or equivalent working experience), specialised in floor based disciplines who are comfortable with performing close to the audience. 

For this project, we are especially looking for artists interested in reflecting on their circus practice who are capable of sharing their experience with an audience.

About the project

We will create a small intimate circus performance, that will play for an audience of 50 people seated around the stage. The actual performing space is expected to be a circle with a diameter of 4.5m. So the artists need to be comfortable performing their dicipline close to the audience. We will likely not have the possibility to rig, so we will prioritize performers with a floor based speciality (I'd imagine acrobats, handstanders or jugglers but you are free to apply with any discipline).


The research line of the performance is "what drives a circus artist to master their craft?"  and so part of the creation will be a conversation between the director and the artists about their practice of circus.


The creation and premiere will take place in Kaaos Kaamos training space in Umeå. It will be 6 weeks of work, spread over three periods of two weeks each between february and june 2025. Kaaos Kaamos will provide salary in line with the collective agreements as well as accomodation during the creation periods.

How to apply

Apply for this project by sending your CV as well as footage where you perform your discipline (preferably in front of an audience, no more than 5 minutes).

I would also like you to record a short video where you introduce yourself and answer two questions. 


Why do you practice circus?

What do you experience when you perform your discipline?


Send your application to

You can apply to this project as an individual or as a duo. Apply before June 30th.

Ask your questions or send your application to:

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