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Babel, Glöm*

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The start to all of this. How six acrobats came together by chance and built a place for themselves in the world. This is how I remember it.



We had just graduated various circus schools and the dream of becoming a circus artist collided with the harsh reality of having to make a living and pay rent. On top of that, most of us had just split with our acrobatic and romantic partners. 

I don't think any of us had a clue what to do next, except to keep training to hold onto our hard earned circus skills. We were all at a handstand course, and there, a bunch of lonely partner acrobats started training together. And enjoyed it a whole lot!

When the course was over. We heard there was a place in Rovaniemi where we could train and sleep. So we went. After 31 hours of travel by boat, bus and car we arrived in the far north. Kaaos Kaamos was born.

We decided to make a show. From there followed an intense year. We each packed our bags and cancelled our appartments. As a group, we traveled to wherever we could get a space to practice and a couch to sleep. Food consisted of lentils and whatever we could dumpster dive. For spare change, we performed at the traffic lights. 

It was a time of the lowest lows and the highest highs. Through injury and conflict, the group persevered with the motto "Peace, Love and Pancakes". It was the most wonderful adventure I could have dreamed of. 

Eventually, we had a show. It seemed the love we had for each other shone through to the audience. And it took off! We got to play our show more each year. People had seen it and wanted it on their festival or venue as well. Places where I had only dreamed of performing, like Circa, Subcase and the Avignon Festival were inviting us. The dream was real.

To be continued...

First teaser

This was shot after three weeks of working together, the day we came back from Rovaniemi.


we had a firm belief that we were making a show, we just had no clue what it would be about.


We went to a second hand store, bought all the things that inspired us and snuck into an unused dance studio to film it.


This was shot two weeks before our premiere.

As sure as ever that we wanted to make a show. But still without a clue if anyone else would like our mad little universe.

The dream continued for four years. Babel, Glöm* toured in 14 countries. It traveled all the way to Brasil and back.

And we grew older.

The rootlessness of a traveling life could not be cured by the glamour of stage lights and applause.


Some of us started new families outside of our acrobatic family. All of us put down roots.

And when the pandemic hit, we decided to finish the chapter that was Babel, Glöm* and focus on other projects.

It's been a wild ride, and the adventure of a lifetime!

I am more grateful than I can describe with words to have shared it with you.

Cheers to the crew!


"They try to be better together, to "reach the sky". It's about links, community or family. And yes, they are definitely not the same people. They don't even speak the same language. Babel's curse? Forget it! They'll do better no matter what happens. By chance, they have Fika*. Kaaos Kaamos intends to explore the tension between "be yourself" and "be together". For that, they use six strong characters in a quest for a common language: the body; a common ritual: the food; a common symbol: the magnesium.
*Fika: the strong Swedish tradition of having coffee and something sweet, usually shared with a colleague or friend in the afternoon."

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