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Illustrations by Charlotte Kachelmann

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The Company

Kaaos Kaamos is an international contemporary circus company.

It started with 6 artists, from Sweden, Finland, Germany, New Caledonia and Chile, who had the urge to create a show together. 

“Babel, Glöm” premiered in October 2017 at l’Europeenne de Cirque, at La Grainerie, Toulouse. 

For this first project as a company, we worked with Albin Warrett as our artistic director.

The show has been performed amongst other places at Circa in Auch, Subcase in Stockholm, die Fabrik in Potsdam and at the Arts Printing House in Vilnius, and is still touring today.

After 3 years of creation and tour with this first show, it felt like it was time to continue growing and we decided to create a new project. 

It appeared very fast that we wanted to work together again and also with other artists and friends.

We have been dreaming about mixing hand to hand and aerial cradle so when Maximo Occhipinti, who was Anouck’s cradle catcher in school came back to Europe from Argentina, it was our chance! 

It opens up the technical and scenical possibilities. Creating a new space between the floor and the air.

Maximo would also bring to the company his many crafting skills. 

We met the partner acrobatic duo Amir and Hemda during the creation of “Babel, Glöm” and very early we all wanted to play and create together. We loved their virtuosity, their creativity and their energy. The question no longer even arose, it was obvious that they would take part in the next project of the company.
For the new show we are now 6 artists from Sweden, Germany, Israel, New Caledonia, Belgium and Argentina.

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