Erika is the other vegan of the company and sometimes she is really the lonely wolf. She needs her own time in the finnish forests where she spent a lot of time while growing up(she is almost 150 cm). Hugging people is one of her favorite things and she loves berries. During the company meeting she is often the "grandmother" knitting socks or so. When she gets tired she might laugh without a reason for a long time, best training for abs and definately fun. She can be itsepäinen if she really decides for something no one can turn her head. If you manage to make her angry you better watch out, she might be small but her internal fire can burst out when needed.


Someone once asked Johan what he wanted to be when he grew up. As a kid, the choice was easy. He wanted to become a superhero, who hasn't thought about that. Or to become a chef. Because, you know, food. Looking back on this answer, we can say that he managed to become a weird mix of them both. He is not a superhero or a chef, but he does spend his days catching people so they don't crash on the ground. And since that is his job he needs to eat alot, and thank god he still have a big interest in cooking. Otherwise all his meals would be so incredibly boring.


She started out a bit confused in life until she found circus and fell in love. Especially in partner acrobatics. The sensation of flying in the air convinced her. Since then she has studied at one circus school in Holland and two circus schools in France, including "Le Lido". She is the talker of the group, no matter what language you speak, she will probably speak back to you. Mika remains confused but a bit less.

Perry Rudolph

Perry, the vegan of the company! He tried a lot of different arts of movement from breakdance and capoaira to juggling and contamporay dance until he found his destiny: Base in hand to hand! He did some circus schools, "dieEtage" in Berlin, "ACaPA" in Tilburg and "Lido" in Toulouse to get perfection in this disciplin. Now is showing the world that plants have protein and he squats forests when he can…


Coming from New Caledonia she is not afraid to go up north during winter, where she discovered snow fights and the pleasure to work in a collective. Anouck graduated from the Academy for Circus and Performance Art as an aerial cradle flyer but with the help of the group she transfered her flying skills into hand to hand. She is the technician of the group, interested in lighting, tools and everything that involves climbing somewhere.


Erik is the geek of the company, he likes gadgets and problems and once he gets interested in something, he tends to lose focus on the rest of the world. He studied circus in Stockholm, Tilburg and Brussels and has been told to stretch his shoulders more times than anyone could count in at least three different languages. Lately, he has been teaching his own students, playing amazingly silly games and telling them to stretch their shoulders. Circle of life continues.
He hopes to one day be the grandfather with all the coolest stories, telling the kids in the neighbourhood about crazy adventures like breaking out of bathrooms or snowboarding down a mountain of cakes.


The Company

Kaaos Kaamos is a European company based in Sweden, specialised in hand to hand and banquine. A crew of six circus artists from Sweden, Finland, Germany, Chile and New-Caledonia working with a French director. They are currently touring their first show "Babel, Glöm".

Their work is all about meetings : Every artist in the company has their own background : different circus school, different cultures, different languages, different lifestyles. This is an incredible richness. We decided to make it simple, to gather on values like honesty, sharing and tolerance. We try to take decisions through dialogue and respect, without any masks, and if possible around a good and " gesund " meal. Or a Fika*.

The show

They try together to be better, to "reach the sky". It's about links, community or family. And yes, they are definitely not the same people. They don't even speak the same language. Babel's curse? Forget it! They'll do better no matter what happens. By chance, they have Fika*. Kaaos Kaamos intends to explore the tension between "be yourself" and "be together". For that, they use six strong characters in a quest for a common language: the body; a common ritual: the food; a common symbol: the magnesium.

*Fika: the strong Swedish tradition of having coffee and something sweet, usually shared with a colleague or friend in the afternoon

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Upcoming dates

28, 29 & 30th of September, Kanneltalo, Helsinki, Finland

15th of October, Européene du cirque, Toulouse, France

27 & 28th of October, Michto festival, Nancy, France

16th of November, Subcase, Stockholm, Sweden

Past dates

9th of July Les Tilleuleries, Nassogne, Belgium

13-16th of July, Scenes de Rue, Mulhouse, France

22nd of July, EJC, Lublin, Poland

29th of July, Sarnico busker festival, Sarnico, Italy

2&3rd of August, Sommarscen Malmö, Malmö, Sweden

25th of August, Soldalen's festival, Bornholm, Denmark